Brynn Counts Lee, Karen Urbanczyk Counts, and Marsha Urbanczyk Neel

Photo Margie Braidfoot













































































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        Ernest O. Thompson

May Peterson Thompson


                                 Original Works of Nancy Riley

            The Frighten Inn Haunted House

                                I ain't 'fraid no ghost?????

Ethan and Rex aka Scary and Scarier.  Ethan is the king of spooky sounds and is always willing to work to add to the guests' haunting experience. Rex has made his name as... "THE CLOWN!!!!!".


    The Panhandle Inn LOVES Panhandle Elementary's Students

                                     Panhandle Christmas on the Town

                                 The Panhandle Inn's "Shop in the INN"

Thanks to the City of Panhandle!  They donated the replaced vintage street signs to the Panhandle Inn Foundation.

         Panhandle Inn Raising the Roof Pi Run 3.14.15

A BIG "Thank you!" to our Official Race Photographer, Ethan Eagle.  Great job, Ethan!!  What a super friend to the Inn you are!

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